Series filter valve


Patent: 200920031609 X ( the full flow of single tank automatic control multi-way valve) Meter and time dual mode, the meter mode, its inflow meter achieved all station can be set according to the water volume demanded , as long as set by the swap of tank volume (L) backwash water and wash water, set cycle running water volume(ton) according to the set value for each station after descending to the switch when the "0", discontinued or no water stop decreasing and maintain.

This series of products have beautiful appearance, high material precision of valve body parts, good strength and high temperature resistance, and the main valve body is connected with metal inserts with good maintainability


1, plane sealing, independent valve mouth ceramic ring, specially equipped with a transposable channel to relieve pressure, ceramics without wear;

2. Double mode of flow and time, five-button operation control;

3. The inlet flow meter realizes full-station flow control, displays the instantaneous water amount, accumulates the excess water amount, and remembers the program blackout and water stop;

4. Delay backwash can be set;

5, parallel interlock, external control interface, relay output multiple mode interface.


GL2-1 Filtter valve: output max:4t/h

GL4-1 Filtter valve: output max:7t/h

GL10-1 top loadingFiltter valve: output max:15t/h

GL10-1S side loading Filtter valve: output max:15t/h

GL20 side loading Filtter valve: output Output max:25t/h

GL40 Flter valve: output max 48t/h

GL40T Flter valve: output max 48t/h


GL50 Filtter valve: output max70t/h

GL2-1\4-1\10-1\10-1S Instruction manual download

GL15\20\40\50\15T\20T\40T Instruction manualdownload